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Looking back and ahead

At the end of a year I have the tendency to look back at the past year and set a vision of what lies in the twelve months to come.

When I look at the post history from this year I must admit that this blog was pretty silent in 2013. I published only three posts in January - which is eleven months ago. Then nothing has happened until this post. Wow, time flew by.

What has kept me from publishing new posts in this time? Frankly, I cannot attribute to a single cause. There were multiple reasons for this:
I have started a new job in February which provided new challenges.In my prior job I was regularly involved in Nintex projects. In my new job my projects are most of the time around software architecture and quality assurance in SharePoint development projects. (SharePoint will never let you go ;-))and many other reasons. So with the new tasks in my daily job, I am going to shift the core topics of this blog more in the direction of software architecture and quality assurance. Nintex po…